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Tenten and I created Soul Drill because we are aiming to be a faction that cares about YOU, the individual behind the computer. Join us and lets have fun together.
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Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:54 pm by Tenten

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 All about: Tenten!

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PostSubject: All about: Tenten!   Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:54 pm

Age: 22

Location: BC, Canada recently moved from NS, Canada

Job: Licensed Practical Nurse currently employed at a long term care facility.
Pets: a 3-year-old cat named Jade whom I bottle fed since she was 5 days old (as her mother was a stray and abandoned her). She is my baby.
Also I have pets with my family back home in NS, including my dads hobby: chickens!

Class: Druid

Spec: All of them! Though Feral #1, Resto #2

Fav. Color: Purple

Fav. Animal: Panther

Fav. fantasy creature: Dragons

Relationships: Squalo is my BF, we met online on a different MMORPG, and recently moved into a small apartment together.

Likes: Food, traveling, exploring, animals, music, anime, and helping.

Dislikes: cheaters, liars, bullies, anyone who picks on my friends/ family/ guildmates, scammers... and ants.

Other games I play: Hearthstone, League of Legends

Past Games I've played: Flyff, PWI, and multiple others that I tried but didn't find enough interest in to even remember their names.

Where my name, "Tenten" comes from: NOT Naruto. Yes, I get it, there's a girl called Tenten on that show. Originally, when I played PWI my nickname was "Angel". So, on one of the games which name I have forgotten, I named all my toons "Tenshi....." something. (Japanese for Angel). My guild there took to calling me "Tenten" as I did and will continue to complain if ever called "Tent" (though I do enjoy camping, you can not sleep in me). Returning to PWI I named my toon "Tentenangel" And my faction there (mentioned in how Soul Drill got it's name) took to calling me "Tenten" or "1010" (feel free to use). I've become quite attached to the name.

As per Squalo: I'm "on my way to becoming a full door". To those that understand that statement, fear not! I promise to do my best as one of our Co-Leaders to NOT become a full door.
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All about: Tenten!
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