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Tenten and I created Soul Drill because we are aiming to be a faction that cares about YOU, the individual behind the computer. Join us and lets have fun together.
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 How SoulDrill came to be!

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PostSubject: How SoulDrill came to be!   Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:49 pm

The following is a skype conversation between Squalo and I when planning SoulDrill. It includes the guild name's meaning, as well as our values for our guild. Plus, it's more interesting then reading a list of "rules". You'll also get to know a bit about Squalo and I. I did, however, cut out the story of me locking my keys in my car.

Tenten: Backstage - all levels welcome. All classes welcome. We want you for the you behind the toon. Pm for more info. I was trying to come up with a catchy guild name. Considering I started with " behind the toon" I think " backstage " is catchier. Anyway, what do you think? Would you want to make a guild with me ?

Squalo: I'd make a guild with you yess! Backstage? xD Hmm interesting name. it makes sense.

Tenten: Ah. Take some time and tell me what your values are for a guild okay? Think of names. Recruiting lines. What you wanna do most.

Squalo: I'll think of names then. I honestly thought of naming it Mayhem if I was gonna make a guild. lol.

(Mayhem was the name of the guild we were in on our last MMO)

Tenten: I don't want to be the shadow of some other faction.

Squalo: Then I'll think of something interesting, and see if you like it.

Tenten: Well my brainstorming was for something. ... Not seen, something behind what others see. Soul ?

Squalo: I feel it needs something including soul, soul something

Tenten: Determined soul?

Squalo: Hmm I don't think that flows right..for the name. hmm. Needs to reflect how you want the guild to be right- and dont think that one is it

Tenten: Individual souls, Unique souls, Souls of life

Squalo: Babeee What do you think of Soul Drill?

Tenten: Drill? Why drill? It's catchy. But I don't get it.

Squalo: Welll. in that anime  you don't like- the older brother( kamina) dies, and comes back in a *dream* 10 years later to simon. He said he was gonna be the one that pierces the heavens with his drill lol drill = key to his machine thing. He says "My drill is the heart of my soul" So i was like..Hoily shit. this is perfect.for something to go with soulI have the scene on my youtube account saved.You could watch it with me, its like 3-5 min.

Tenten: Lol. Okay. It's not bad.

Squalo: Awesome!!

Tenten: I was thinking more " drill past the toon to the soul lying behind"

Squalo: That works: I honestly didn't think we'd find a name we'd both be okay with. Soul Drill sounds awesome. o.o

Tenten: It's alright. I'll run it through my head a few times. I can see myself in a guild named soul drill.

Sqaulo: well lemme know if i need to get into my imaginary stamp car that says soul drill and ride it through your head. i won't forget the keys inside it either. (ohsnap)

Tenten: Lmao you suck.

Sqaulo: xD

Tenten: You didn't tell me what your values would be for a guild.

Squalo: Oh, was I suppose to come up with some? I had a hard enough time coming up with a name lol. Uh,, values huh? Well I'd want people to respect each other first of all. What do you see?

Tenten: See?

Sqaulo: See- values since that's what youa sked reight? let me know yours.

Tenten: I want a guild that Is friendly, Helps each other, Doesn't care if one member in the family isn't the right level/gear, Willing to learn and to teach. , Willing to do raids/rbg/ ect. I want a guild that when a member says " I need this raid but I have noob gear and I'm level 85" they're gonna say " oh ill go. " And not care that there's a noob in the group. I want a guild that makes everyone feel wanted and important. ( we haven't got the achievement for this guild run instance. It's a lvl 5x instance. Would any 5x-6x like to run it together?"

Squalo: That' sounds good, but how would we go about that and influence the atmosphere with that type of thinking? Hmm. guess being friendly is step one.

Tenten: Be friendly. Jump on helping. Make people feel welcome. They did a little in <insert old guild name here> where they just asked random questions like " what's your favourite food?". Would you rather- and why. Typed games that ppl can play while waiting for a queue. Events! Hide and seek. Tag. Fashion contests. Acting. Raids on horde cities. All welcome. Any level. LEVEL ONE RAIDS

Sqaulo: ithat would be fun, not sure about the level one raids though. maybe when its bigger lmao

Tenten: Things that bring out the people, not the toons.

Sqaulo: I remember the video you sent me though, that one was funny. its a perfect type guild for that.

Tenten: Yeah something that's totally random. Something that says " your gear don't matter. " but also stuff where it does. Rbgs where we can use teamwork to win. Take the noobs. Explain how the game works. Explain strategy. Communicate. Win.

Sqaulo: That would be fun, it wouldn't be as boring.

Tenten: Things that focus on bringing out the players personality, instead of their gaming skills. Things that take away the boring times in game ( farming, waiting on queues) and makes them less boring. Things that make people smile. Message if the day? How about joke of the day? Something stupid like that.

Sqaulo: Something like that sounds ideal, and I'm sure we can create that.

Tenten: Go to the guild place and look at making a tabard. Pick something cool looking. Unique. Animals involved. Write down your choices or take screenshots. I'm getting excited.

Squalo: Hmm you think there's anything that says, that's Soul Drill right there? I'm interested to see the designs myself. I personally enjoy the process of levelling a guild. because I can say, hey, I did that. I worked on it. I' wanna wait for you to see them with me though. I won't take away the excitement i feel now, i'll save it for when we can both share it

There ya go. Additional rules include:

Take from the guild bank to use on your Soul Drill toon, not for an alt, a main, or to auction.

Stick together with your guild. Please don't leave other members behind when partying/squading/raiding to get lost, ganked, killed, or anything else. It's no fun for them!

And, of course, it's a game. Have fun!
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How SoulDrill came to be!
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